Put up your dukes

This juice was sent to be for the purpose of the review by Andre Van Dev.

Please note all facts and findings are purely my own unbiased opinion and in no way influenced by any company or person. In no way has this review been done for financial gain but for the passion and love for vaping.

Juice profiles

• LOW BLOW CUPCAKE – Vanilla cupcake with frosting
• 5 KNUCKLE CHOCMINT – Choc mint Ice-cream
• MEAN MUGGING MELON – A sweet mixture of melons

AVAILABLE IN 60ML CHUBBY Gorilla bottles and in 0MG,3MG & 6MG Nic


The labelling is nice and detailed, elegant, vibrant and bold. Clean design with all the detail you need including some mouth watering pics.. All the warnings are in place including strength of nic and quality of bottling (ISO7)

– Just a brief outline on the brand juice maker.
I first met Andre for a very brief period at Vapecon 2018 where he handed me a sample of his Chicago cornflakes and told me to give it a try.. I was totally blown away by the flavour. We then met again when he handed me the rest of his juice line and we chatted for over an hour. The brand has been established this year. Andre ahs informed me that he has been working on this juice line for the last three years and finally perfected each of the recipes – You can definitely taste this in the juice. The juice is mixed and bottled at ZefTech which is an ISO 7 certified lab so you can be assured that quality is there. Andre seems like an absolute gentleman and as he mentioned that his aim is not only to be a great mixologist but also to help the vaping community and people in general. You can see this by the way he conducts himself. He is humble and always willing to assist.


I was curious as hell to find out what this juice taste like so I dripped some on my finger and damn it was good. Finally – an authentic cornflake cereal is what ran through my mind. I couldn’t wait to get home and vape the juice – On the inhale there is a nice sweet cereal and milk taste that comes through and on the exhale the sweetness dies down and the cereal pops even more leaving you with the proper south African cornflakes taste on your tongue. I would rate this juice as the best cereal juice that I’ve tasted thus far. Flavour and sweetness is extremely well balanced!!


Now this juice “wowed” me just as much as the cornflakes juice. The flavour is very well balanced with the correct sweetness. On the inhale I get a thick cake profile rich in flavour, on the exhale the frosting comes through nicely leaving the cakey taste lingering in my mouth… Flavour once again is not overly sweet and it can be vaped all day.


When I first read the profile I was a bit sceptical to give this a go because I have not had good experiences when it comes to anything chocolate related in a vape. The problem with any chocolate is that it is to synthetic and the cocoa bean is something that is virtually impossible to replicate. With that being said I gave this a go and o my surprise it was very very addictive. On the inhale I got a nice rich creamy mint ice cream with hints of chocolate coming through. There is no prominence in the chocolate at all. On the exhale I did not get any change in flavour. This flavour really blew mind. Before I knew it I went through at least 40ml is about 5 hours.


Fruits flavours are definitely not the first flavour I’d pick up when looking for a new juice to vape, secondly I don’t really enjoy Melon in a vape – love to eat it though. On the inhale there is a nice blend between, sweet melon, watermelon and cantaloupe. On the exhale I get some papaya coming through but the sweet melon is more prominent with the watermelon staying in the back.

By the taste from these flavours I can definitely tell that there has been a lot of research and development coupled with dedication and hard work. The quality in taste and vaping experience I got is truly remarkable. Andre you have done a stellar job and I can tell you with confidence that your juice will do great. Even though the company is new, I urge you guys to go out there and give this range a try. You will not regret it in any way.